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Are you looking for a garage door company that can provide you with the services in Cameron Park?  Then you have come to the right place because our garage door company in Cameron Park specializes in broken spring repair and broken spring replacements in the community.  Our garage door contractors’ service trucks are stocked everyday with garage door springs because we aim to provide same day service.  Our staff and technicians are eager to please and serve the residents here. We can be at your home at your convenience to fix garage springs.

Garage Door SpringsCameron Park is located in El Dorado County in California with a population of over 15,000 people and is about 30 miles east of Sacramento. Cameron Park has many things for the residents and tourists to do. There is plenty of shopping, golf courses, country clubs and a community center with a swimming pool. There are lakes and other areas of interest for the people of Cameron Park to enjoy. Our company in Cameron Park can handle all of your garage door services, so you can spend time enjoying the things you love to do in Cameron Park.

Repair garage spring

If you have broken door springs and want to to replace them, our Garage Door Spring Cameron Park can do it for you. We carry the best quality brands available. There are two types of springs. The torsion spring is used for heavy doors, such as a steel door. The spring hangs above the door on a rod that lifts the door. This spring is heavy to install and should only be installed by a professional. Our technicians to repair garage spring in Cameron Park are very professional. The torsion spring can be installed in just one day by our skilled technicians.

The other type of spring is the extension springs and is installed on both sides of the door. The extension spring is for the lightweight door, such as an aluminum door. When one of the extension springs breaks, both of the springs should be replaced.  Some springs have a galvanized coating that protects them and extends their life.  The door should be weighed so the correct spring is used. There are different size springs to use, it just depends on the size of the door as well as the weight of the door. Using the wrong spring could cause damage to your property as well as injury.
Torsion spring

Never attempt to install your garage door springs by yourself. The springs are dangerous to install and should be installed by a garage door contractor.  The springs need to be attached firmly and securely to the garage door frame. If the springs are not attached correctly, they could become loose causing injury.   When it comes to Garage door springs in Cameron Park we are the best in the area that specializes in replacing them.

Our company is proud to be the best contractor that provides the best garage door services in Cameron Park.  Our technicians are skilled to replace your springs and other parts as well.  Leave the torsion spring replacement to a skilled professional, so that there is no injury to yourself or to your property. 

We will give you the best services and prices. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

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