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By using the tips provided in this section, you will make your life a lot easier. They will help you to enjoy a better performing, safer and more secure garage door at all times. The only thing you have to do is to read them and apply them correctly.

Achieve that modern look with glass garage doors

If you are thinking of remodelling your home and want it to have that modern exterior, glass garage doors seem to perfectly fit into Zen architectural designs and the modern minamalist trend. These classy doors combine the beauty and durability of quality grade aluminum and tempered glass. They come in different colors and some with insulated glass too for improved energy efficiency.

Consider a spring with a greater cycle life

The cycle life is perhaps the best indicator of how strong and durable an extension or torsion spring is. It is an estimate of the amount of cycles the spring can open and close the garage door before it breaks. For extension springs, the average is 5,000 cycles. For torsion ones, it is 10,000 cycles.

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